As time goes baa

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americanlampproamwin.jpgBe still, my bleating heart.

Team Suncadia (that would be your humble correspondent + master chef Alex Paguaga and his assistant, Paul Cotta) competed valiantly but failed to win the Lamb ProAm this week. Congratulations to bloggers Mark and Ashley Michael, who teamed with Juan Delgado of Barking Frog to win the Peoples Choice awards. Thanks to all the sponsors, to our hosts at Cedarbrook Lodge (they didn't win, either), and to the dozens of eaters who sampled the entries.

Of all the lamb joints in the world, you walked into ours. So go ahead and play it, Sam.

You must remember this:

A kiss is just a kiss,
A sigh is just a sigh
As lamb goes baa.

And when two lovers woo
They still say "I love ewe"
On that you can rely
The fundamental things apply
As lamb goes baa.

Braising and roasting,
Never out of date
Grilling up those lamb chops
Mint sauce on a plate

It's still the same old passion:
They don't go out of fashion
A case of grill or fry
The world will always welcome lamb chops
As time goes baa.

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